Don't be a dick. If someone tells you you're being a dick, listen to them. OOC harassment of other players or potential players means: you're out. That's pretty much it!


If you feel that certain content may be upsetting, please discuss it with your scene partner(s) before raising it IC. Please add content warnings as appropriate - and please respect other players' wishes if you are asked to add warnings, to stop raising certain content with those players, or to stop purusing a certain plot or relationship arc. Content involving racism, misogyny, and homophobia are all prohibited. Content involving prejudice against fictional species or classes is not prohibited.


All canon characters still living at the end of The Last Jedi are very welcome here! This includes characters who appear in the new EU, even if they never appear in the films. Legends EU characters are not playable; if the character you wish to play has both a canon and Legends version, you're welcome to draw from their Legends iteration to the extent that it doesn't conflict with canon history.


CHARACTER LIMIT. You may play TWO major characters, provided they are not members of the same organization (e.g., Resistance, First Order, etc.). Minor characters are not limited. If your activity level hinders the progression of the plot, you may be asked to drop characters.

MAJOR CHARACTERS. Don't hold up the plot! If it becomes a problem, we'll address it.

MINOR CHARACTERS. One scene per month.


JOURNALS. Usernames are at your discretion. You should have a screened post easily accessible in your journal to facilitate OOC communication.

PLAYED-BYS. Characters appearing in the films should be played by the actors who portray them, unless their appearances are so brief or minor that finding icons would be difficult. Characters who appear in comics, video games, or other visual media may use icons from that medium - players are not required to select a PB for those characters, but are certainly welcome to do so. For all other characters, players should select a PB. POC PB's are strongly encouraged.

INFORMATION POST. You should have a post in your journal with basic details about your character (which can be formatted however you wish, and may be the same post as your screened contact post). Please be sure to include at least the following information:

home planet (or other birthplace);
whether your character is Force-sensitive;
a general description of your character's position/frame of mind in the aftermath of The Last Jedi; and
a character flaw (see below).
Applications will be evaluated primarily on your examples and on your description of one of your character's flaws. This should be a flaw that your character still has as of the end of The Last Jedi, and it should be a flaw that has led them - or will lead them - to hurt other people in some way. It should, in other words, be a real flaw, and not simply a virtue dressed up to look like a sin. It's very important to us to get a sense that a player understands every character is sometimes wrong in meaningful ways; it's even more important that we feel certain that players won't take offense when other players and characters inevitably disagree with some characters' actions, motivations, and worldviews. Tell us a significant way in which your character can be a shithead sometimes. Because they can be. They really, really can be.


Please submit two scenes, in whatever format is most convenient for you. These need not be scenes in which you play the character you're applying for.